Danbury is fortunate in still being surrounded by several fine areas of common and heath. Like most such areas they have been heavily invaded by trees and scrub in recent decades, since grazing and the other uses of common land declined, but the conservation organisations that manage them now – the National Trust and Essex Wildlife Trust – have been working hard to rehabilitate them. In the areas that they have tackled heathland plants have started to recolonise, and it takes only a small effort of the imagination to visualise what they must have looked like in their prime.

But Danbury has a great deal to offer over and above heathland. It also has some fine areas of ancient woodland, with valley bogs and luxuriant stream valleys, and some of the best wild flower meadows in Essex. Danbury, in short, is a wildlife experience not to be missed.

Blake's Wood
Danbury Common
Danbury Country Park
Danbury Ridge
Heather Hills
Hitchcock's Meadows
Holybred Wood
Lingwood Common


Regular bus services Chelmsford–Maldon and Chelmsford-S. Woodham. Get off at Eve's Corner.