Daws Heath woods

The ancient woodlands in and around Daws Heath have much in common. They are all 'working woods', coppiced for centuries to supply wood for a range of purposes, and they all occupy land that was unattractive for agriculture – gravelly slopes or plateaux of infertile soil, running down into damp stream valleys. Yet they are also very different from one another, showing what effect man's treatment of a wood can have on its wildlife and character, even many decades after.

Belfairs Park
Little Haven
Pound Wood
Tile Wood
Valerie Wells Wood
West Wood


Turn south off the A127 at Rayleigh Weir on to Rayleigh Road (A129) and turn left on to Daws Heath Road at The Woodmans PH mini-roundabout. Or join the A129 from the A13, and turn right on to Daws Heath Road.

Hourly bus service exc. Sundays serves Daws Heath Road. More frequent services run along Rayleigh Road and pass Woodmans Arms PH (400m to west via Daws Heath Road).