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About Tony Gunton

Tony Gunton has been observing and working for wildlife in Essex for many years. He has assembled several books on Essex, its nature reserves and its wildlife, the latest of which is Walk Wild Essex (click here for more details). In this context Essex is defined as the old vice-county, extending into what is now Greater London as far west as the River Lea, and which is reflected also in Essex postal addresses.

He lives in the Green Belt just outside Upminster, with a large (by London standards) garden that he has been managing organically and for wildlife for more than two decades. He also looks after Cranham Marsh, a wetland nature reserve on the fringes of Upminster, on behalf of Essex Wildlife Trust (the site manager) and Havering Council (the owner).

Currently he is Chair of Havering Wildlife Project (HWP) whose primary task has been to develop a Biodiversity Action Plan for Havering. The original plan was adopted by Havering Council in 2001 and HWP now works with the Council, local people and local organisations to carry the plan forward.


Many people have helped in the compilation of the information held on this website, by providing material, pointing out inaccuracies and commenting on drafts. They are too many to name individually except to mention David Corke, whose Lopinga Books publishes Explore Wild Essex and a number of other books about Essex wildlife.


Many of the 1,000 or so photographs of wildlife and of wild places on this website have been provided without charge by local photographers. You may use photographs attributed to Tony Gunton provided that you attribute them to him and, if possible such as on a website, include a link to this website.

If you wish to use other photographs or obtain versions at higher resolutions, please contact the originator, first via a web search then if necessary via this website (click here for contact forms).