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Gosbecks Archaeological Park


Grid ref: TL 968 228 (click for o/s map)

Updated 25/08/2014

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Formerly part of Gosbecks Farm, on the south-western edge of Colchester, the archeological park is one of the most significant Iron-Age and Roman sites in the country. The archeological remains are surrounded by a large area of rough grassland, covered with patches of wild flowers in summer, including field scabious, wild carrot and lady's bedstraw.


The car park is on the B1022 Colchester–Maldon Road, on the south-western edge of Colchester.

Bus route 92 Colchester–Maldon and 75 Colchester–Tollesbury run along the B1022.

Accessible at all times.

High summer for wild flowers and insects.

Photo © Tony Gunton