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Hillhouse Wood


Grid ref: TL 945 280 (click for o/s map)

Updated 25/08/2014

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Hillhouse Wood, in West Bergholt, near Colchester, is a light and open woodland with many glades and an open canopy of mainly oak and ash trees. The hazel growing beneath them is being coppiced in the traditional manner by local volunteers.

The wood was acquired by the Woodland Trust with help from Colchester Council and a local appeal. In spring it is carpeted with bluebells and wood anemones. Its birdlife includes all three species of woodpecker, with blackcap, nightingale and garden warbler visiting in summer. It also has a colony of white-letter hairstreak butterflies


The wood is reached from the end of Hall Road, which runs east from the B1508 (Colchester–Sudbury) just north of West Bergholt. There is parking space for a few cars at the end of Hall Road.

Buses between Colchester and Sudbury run along the B1508.

Accessible at all times.

Spring for woodland flowers and birdsong.

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