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Mayesbrook Park


Grid ref: TQ463844 (click for o/s map)

Updated 25/08/2014

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Mayesbrook Park, on the border between Barking and Dagenham, claims to be 'Britain's first climate change park'. Its northern section hosts sports facilities and traditional close-mown grassland and it has a nature reserve at its southern end, alongside the Mayes Brook, which runs along its western boundary, and two large lakes.

Formerly in a sterile concrete channel, the Mayes Brook has been cleaned up and 're-wilded', and now runs in a natural, meandering channel within a specially created floodplain, so that it can overflow in wet weather without causing damage. In the nature reserve, meadow areas and a wetland have been created. Trees and shrubs have been planted to filter airborne pollution and provide shade.

Alongside the usual mallards and canada geese, mute swans, coot and greylag geese occupy the lakes, and green woodpeckers and grey squirrels the wooded areas. Many birds and insects can be expected to colonise the wetland as it develops


Vehicle access from Lodge Avenue (A1153) in Dagenham, and also pedestrian access from residential streets to the west.

A few minutes' walk from Upney tube station (Distict Line): turn left outside the station and first right into The Drive. Bus services run along Lodge Avenue.

Accessible at all times.

Spring and summer for breeding birds and for flying insects around the lakes and wetland.

A network of accessible paths.

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