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Oakfield Wood


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Updated 25/08/2014

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Oakfield Wood is a 'green burial ground', a natural alternative to traditional graveyard or crematorium burials. For each burial a native broadleaved tree is planted with a wooden plaque at its base, gradually creating a new woodland on what used to be arable farmland. When the burial ground is full it will be managed as a nature reserve by Essex Wildlife Trust


Reached via Wheatsheaf Lane, which turns off the B1352 between Bradfield and Wrabness. Beyond the railway bridge there is a small car park from which a footpath takes you past the burial ground and joins the Essex Way public footpath.

Stour Wood is about 800m walk from Wrabness rail station via a public footpath. A bus service from Colchester to Harwich via Wrabness runs along the B1352 past the entrances to Stour and Copperas Woods.

Accessible at all times.

May and June, when wild flowers are everywhere and migrant birds such as the nightingale are in full voice; autumn and winter for the hardy and the birdwatcher, for good views of the birds in Copperas Bay.

For further information about burials at Oakfield Wood, contact Peter Kincaid on 01255 503456.

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