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Rowney Wood


Grid ref: TL 574 338 (click for o/s map)

Updated 25/08/2014

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This large ancient oxlip wood was planted up with conifers in the 1950s but has now to a large degree been returned to native deciduous by the Forestry Commission. Its wild flowers include ragged robin, and it has white-letter hairstreak butterflies and many deer


Turn south off the B184 (Thaxted–Saffron Walden) west of Rowney Corner and park in the layby near Carver Barracks.

Hourly buses Saffron Walden–Bishops Stortford serve Debden: 800m walk via Harcamlow Way.

Accessible at all times.

Spring through to early summer for wild flowers and early migrant birds.

A circular route made up with compacted gravel is usable by wheelchairs in all but the worst weather conditions.

Some of the tracks get very muddy during forestry work and parallel temporary footpaths are provided.

Photo © Ken Wooldridge