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Wanstead Flats


Grid ref: TQ 407 862 (click for o/s map)

Updated 25/08/2014

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Wanstead Flats, formerly known as Wanstead Heath, was levelled early in the 20th century to provide football pitches. It consists of over 400 acres of grassland with some patches of trees. Much of it is maintained as playing fields and the rest is grazed by cattle.

It contains some of London's most extensive acid grassland, with small areas of ling heather and petty whin, which supports many unusual insects and a few rarities.

It has three water bodies all of which are short of water but one of them – Jubilee Pond at its western end – has recently been restored. It is an important London site for skylarks


South of Aldersbrook Road, between Wanstead and Forest Gate. There are three car parks, open during daylight hours. They are off Aldersbrook Road by Alexandra Lake, on the east side of Centre Road, and off Lake House Road near Jubilee Pond.

Train to Wanstead Park or Manor Park; several bus services.

Accessible at all times. Car parks are open during daylight hours.

Photo © Louise Andrews