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West Wood


Grid ref: TQ 805 880 (click for o/s map)

Updated 25/08/2014

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West Wood has been managed as coppice woodland for at least two hundred years, except that a large area of the northern part was clear felled in the 1930s, removing the standards as well as the coppice. It is managed as a public open space by Castle Point District Council with the support of Castle Point Wildlife Group.

Coppicing, interrupted for a long period, has been resumed, creating clearings in which wild plants such as primrose and common cow-wheat come into flower.

It has sweet chestnut and birch on the higher ground, with oak around the fringes and lower down, along with hornbeam and some wild service and holly.

The Prittle Brook flows across the wood from west to east, lined in places with pendulous sedge and other wetland plants.


Accessible from Rayleigh Road (A129) and via footpaths from Daws Heath Road.

Frequent bus services along Rayleigh Road.

Accessible at all times.

April to June for spring flowers and woodland birdsong.

Photo © David Corke