Belongs to: woodpeckers

Compare with: great spotted woodpecker

Lesser spotted woodpecker Dendrocopus minor

BoCC Red list

Best time to see: all year

Key facts

Tiny black-and-white barred woodpecker, not much bigger than a sparrow

Habitat: countryside well wooded with broad-leaved trees

Resident; widespread but thinly distributed and declining


Pale underparts, black-and-white barred upperparts; male has red crown; up to 15 cm

Feeds on insects high in the canopy of trees where it may remain undetectable, except when drumming 

Slow, hesitant, undulating flight


Nest is a tree hole bored in a decaying tree trunk or branch, with a shaft up to 25 cm. long leading to a nest chamber

One brood May to June; 4-6 white eggs

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