Belongs to: geese

Compare with: greylag goose

Pink-footed goose Anser brachyrynchus

BoCC Amber list

Best time to see: mid Sep to mid Apr

Key facts

Small "grey goose" distinguished from others by dark head and neck and pink legs and feet

Roost in marshes and estuaries and move inland to feed on farmed fields and grassland

Annual winter visitor from its breeding grounds in N. Europe and Iceland


Small goose with small dark head and neck, small pink bill with black base, and pink legs; 60–75 cm

Eat grass, grain and potatoes, assembling in large flocks on open fields

Strong and powerful flight with spiralling descent to water or ground, known as 'whiffling'


Nest is a lined scrape near cliff edge; breeds in Iceland and Spitzbergen

One brood June – July; 4-5 white eggs

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