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Here you will find details of more than 250 wild places in Essex and east London for you to visit. Click here for a map with links to wild places in different parts of Essex and east London. All this is also available in book form – The Pick of Wild Essex – plus additional information including detailed maps of each site. For details click here.

The walks on this website are also available as a book and as apps.

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Everyone with a garden or even just a window box can make a difference for wildlife. For ideas on what you can do click here. For lists of plants that are valuable for wildlife, click below:

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Essex has more wildlife than most people think, including many who live in Essex.

The descriptions of wild places mention some of the species you are likely to see there – click the links for more detail. If you want to look up a particular species, type its name (or part of it) into the search box above and click Go! If you want to just browse information about wildlife, start here.

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