Notes on wildlife walks

Other ways to get these walks

A book – Walk Wild Essex – is available that includes all the walks on this website, together with illustrated maps, photos and notes on wildlife to look out for – the right size to take with you on a walk and an ideal present for anyone who would value some guidance on where to go or perhaps needs a bit of encouragement to get out more. For more detail click here.

You can also get Walk Wild Essex apps for iPhone or iPad from the iTunes store. They show you the route you have chosen and where you are on it (or, if you have strayed, not quite on it), and let you look up instructions when you need them on the way round.


Some of the walks are based on published walks, such as Essex County Council's Wildside Walks, often with updates and (what I see as) improvements. My thanks to all those who have gone before in this way and made my task easier.


All the walks included on this website have been walked recently, but circumstances can change for all kinds of reasons. If you try a walk and find that it does not match the description or if you cannot follow the route, please report details via an email to the author and help to improve the walks and keep them up-to-date.

Suggestions for new routes welcome also.


The times given for the walks are all on the same basis – an unhurried walk, plus an allowance for stopping to look at things of interest, which is what wildlife walks are all about. Most people should find the timings comfortable, but determined walkers will probably find them generous. Once you have tried a walk or two, you will know what factor to apply to convert the quoted times to your preferred pace.