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Coombe Wood


Grid ref: TQ 782 883 (click for o/s map)

Updated 10/12/2020.

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An old coppice woodland north of Bread & Cheese Hill in Thundersley, containing a deep valley and a pond. In 2007 it was granted Village Green status to protect it as a public open space.

The dominant trees are oak but it has a variety of other species including dogwood and wild cherry. The flowering plants are concentrated along the edges and paths, and include bluebells, dog violets and – unusual in Essex because it prefers alkaline soils – spurge laurel. Ferns and lesser celandine grow alongside the stream.

Good for migrant warblers in summer and woodpeckers all year.


Access from the A13 in Thundersley, with parking in local streets.

Regular bus services between Basildon and Southend along the A13.

Accessible at all times.

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