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Loshes Reserve


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Updated 10/12/2020.

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A nature reserve on the side of an attractive valley in low hills rising from the River Stour flood plain. It was farmed until the mid-1950s then left to 'go wild' until leased by Essex Wildlife Trust in 1974.

Its main part, east of the road and south of Loshes Brook, is high woodland with a glade, thick hedgerows and a marsh. The higher ground is on a considerable depth of coarse sand; the lower on chalky boulder clay, with a high water table giving rise to spring flushes.

It has a variety of flowering plants including ramsons (wild garlic), opposite-leaved golden saxifrage, yellow archangel, nettle-leaved bell-flower and common spotted orchid.

The Hop Ground over the road has mature oaks at the top but is mostly swamp covered by hazel, alder and willow thickets. It has guelder rose, lady's smock and hemp agrimony.

Birdlife is plentiful with nightingale and grasshopper warbler among the nesting species and little egrets visiting in winter. Insects include ringlet and white-letter hairstreak butterflies. Slow worms are resident.


Three miles from Sudbury and six from Halstead. Take the Sudbury road from Halstead and, shortly after passing the Fox Inn, take a turning signposted to Henny. After a mile this road descends a steep hill to a T-junction. Turn left and continue along winding lane to signpost to Alphamstone and Twinstead and turn right. The reserve is on the left at the bottom of the hill, where there is a large barn with the Trust sign outside.

Accessible at all times

Spring and early summer

Unsuitable for dog walking.

Children must be supervised when near stream and ponds, which have steep banks.

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