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Newland Grove


Grid ref: TL 716 108 (click for o/s map)

Updated 10/12/2020.

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Rough grassland alongside the River Chelmer, with thorn thickets and a small wood. Such a mixture of habitats makes for a variety of plants – over 230 species have been recorded.

Cowslips, snakeshead fritillaries and hairy violet are among the spring flowers, and in midsummer the area sloping down to the river is a blaze of colour, with common St John's wort, knapweed, musk mallow and many other species. Twayblade, wood spurge and pale wood violet can be found in the wood.

The reserve is also rich in butterflies – 23 species have been recorded.

Among the birds, good numbers of warblers of several species nest in the thickets and wood, while mallard, kingfisher and sedge warbler are often seen by the river.


Adjoins the A130 north of Chelmsford about 1200m from the North Springfield housing estate. Entry is from the west side of a roundabout on the A130 east of Broomfield, opposite the turning to the Channels Golf Club and Windsurfing Centre.Parking for 2–3 cars at the entrance.

Accessible at all times

Midsummer for wild flowers and butterflies.

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