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Shipwrights Wood


Grid ref: TQ 795 870 (click for o/s map)

Updated 10/12/2020.

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What is now called Shipwrights Wood in fact comprises two pieces of ancient woodland. The original Shipwrights Wood forms roughly the southern half and the eastern section to the north is part of Jervis Wood, which formerly extended west all the way to Thundersley Glen. The remainder is more recent woodland and a flower-rich meadow.

The topography is complex, with many ridges, slopes and marshy hollows, and this makes for very varied vegetation. It has a mixture of trees, including oak, hornbeam, ash (some of it coppiced), sweet chestnut and wild cherry. Along the ancient woodbank on the western boundary are some large wild service trees.


Access from Shipwrights Drive off Benfleet Road (B1014) or by following the footpath north-west from Hadleigh Castle country park or the footpath east from the foot of Thundersley Glen.

Regular (except Sundays) buses along Benfleet Road. Get off at Shipwrights Drive.

Accessible at all times.

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