Belongs to: deer

Compare with: red deer

Fallow deer Cervus dama

Best time to see: all year

Key facts

A deer introduced in Norman times and now widespread across England

Habitat: semi-domesticated in many parks, wild in open woodland

Widepread across England, parts of Wales and Scotland; also northern Europe


Usually buff-brown with bold whitish spots; male has flattened antlers; up to 1 metre at the shoulder

Live in herds; diurnal and nocturnal, often sheltering in woods and feeding on fields

Browse on shoots and leaves up to 1.1m and also graze; local damage can be severe; hoofprints 6cm droppings 2 cm


One litter per year in spring; usually one fawn

Young are heavily spotted and active within a few days

Male makes a barking grunt when in rut

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