Belongs to: rodents

Compare with: wood mouse
yellow-necked mouse

Harvest mouse Micromys minutus

Best time to see: all year

Key facts

Smallest of the mouse family, living in dense vegetation

Habitat: dense vegetation, preferably with a good proportion of grass and sedge, sometimes crops

Southern Britain and the northern part of Europe, extending east through Asia to Japan


Warm brown back and white underneath; small ears; body up to 8 cm with tail as long again

Active day and night; a good climber, using its prehensile tail to grip stems

Main food is seeds and other vegetable matter, but insects are an important source in winter


Nest is a small sphere made of grass, suspended in vegetation about half a metre above ground

As many as 7 litters a year, usually with 2–6 young

  • adult
  • nest

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