Food plants for butterfly and moth caterpillars

Red admiral Stinging nettle
Comma Stinging nettle, hop, currant, gooseberry
Common blue Birdsfoot-trefoil, common vetch and similar
Holly blue Holly, ivy
Brimstone Alder buckthorn, purging buckthorn
Meadow brown Soft grasses
Small copper Sorrel, dock
Gatekeeper Soft grasses
Small heath Soft grasses
Orange tip Lady's smock, garlic mustard, dame's-violet
Painted lady Thistles, burdock, nettles
Peacock Stinging nettles
Large skipper Cocksfoot, other grasses
Dingy skipper Birdsfoot-trefoil, horseshoe vetch
Small skipper Grasses
Ringlet Grasses
Small tortoiseshell Stinging nettles
Speckled wood Grasses
Wall Coarse grasses
Green-veined white Lady's smock, dame's violet, garlic mustard, watercress
Burnet moth Birdsfoot-trefoil, common vetch and similar
Cinnabar moth Ragwort, groundsel
Elephant hawkmoth Rosebay willowherb, clarkia, fuchsia
Lime hawkmoth Lime
Eyed hawkmoth Apple, willows
Poplar hawkmoth Poplars, willows
Privet hawkmoth Privet, lilac, ash